Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MTV Hero Honda Rodies 8 Winner :Mohit

Raghu and Ranvajay

After Suraj got vote out from MTV Hero Honda Rodies this season,the calculation is quite clear now.No one other than Mohit is going to be survive in this competition.As it is quite clear to the people that is why Raghu is just experimenting with different guys to make the show alive.He is just giving some so called masala by calling back the old rodies.Also those who got vote out.
As he is quite intelligent and has the capability to judge the future he just did not let Mohit go back.At that time he just introduced a new plan that Mohit can buy his vote by returning back the money.He just thought at that time if Mohit got vote out then the attraction of the show will just decrease half and the show will become a boring one.
Also i think at this time they were not so appropriate to select the rodies.There were much more compatible people other than Dev and Rahul in the screening session.Ranvijay is good at task and as a VJ but he is not that that much keen to select  Rodies as Nikhil was.The combination of Raghu and Nikhil was just amazing.

Now it is quite clear that Mohit will be the next hero honda rodies.We are expecting this and Raghu cant make any exception in this case.This is clear.Lets see upto the end and match my prediction.


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