Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After Ranbir, Angela eyes Shahid

Swimsuit calendar babe Angela Jonsson has replaced the one Kapoor in her life with another.

The girl who was spotted with fourth generation RK, Ranbir, at various city nightspots and even went for his house party has found a new hang out buddy. The industry is abuzz with news of her latest 'friendship' with Shahid.

Turns out that this Kapoor trail is just a part of her big Bollywood dream. It's quite easy, really. You want to be known in Bollywood. So, what do you do? Simple.

Go out for dinner with am A-lister. Make sure people see you. If they don't, make sure you get them to hear about it. Sooner the better.

A source revealed, "Ranbir hardly knew Angela. However, being a ladies' man, he reciprocated to her overtures with much gusto. But he never thought he'd get linked up with her.

Apparently, photographers were told to click Ranbir with Ms Jonsson in public. Somehow, these pictures always made their way to the media."

Ranbir who never worked with Angela was quite surprised to hear all these stories and wondered where they were coming from, initially. "When Ranbir realised what Angela was up to, he immediately stopped entertaining her calls and messages," added the source.

Ms Jonsson remained undeterred. So what if one Kapoor boy was lost, there were definitely more fishes in the ocean. Shifting her focus, she has now zeroed down on Shahid, the next Kapoor for her coterie.

"So what's wrong in her being seen with happening young guys? Every heroine aspires to do the same.

Angela just succeeded in her strategy. Why grudge her that?" said a young actress in the model's defense. After all, Angela did what Mallika Sherawat had been doing for ages. That too on an international level. 


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